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Victor Badminton Racquets

Here are just a few of the newer models we have available at the store. We have more Victor frames available in the store.


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Victor Skyfire 700

Entry level graphite

Full graphite frame

Victor Saber Tooth 6000

Intermediate level

High modulus graphite frame

Victor Brave Sword 1800

All levels, from beginner to advanced

Full graphite neon color frame

Victor Thruster 7000L

All levels, especially made for women

Full graphite pink color frame

Victor Brave Sword LYD

Intermediate to experts. World class badminton racketendorsed by Lee Yong Dae

Ultra high modulus graphite frame and shaft

Victor Brave Sword 10

Advanced to experts

Extra stiff frame for high precision and control

Victor MX 90

Advanced to experts

Ultra high modulus graphite graphite and nano resin frame