Courts Plus is a racquet specialty store serving Waterloo, Kitchener, Stratford, Cambridge and Guelph. We offer professional advice and stringing services for tennis, badminton and squash.


Tennis Racquets

Courts Plus offers a large selection of tennis racquets. We carry the latest models including adult and junior tennis racquets. We offer stringing services for new and used racquets.¬†We have…


Badminton Racquets

Courts plus offer a excellent price range badminton racquets from starter to professional. If you need new strings on your badminton racquet we gladly offer stringing service for all badminton…


Squash Racquets

Squash racquets selection can be overwhelming . Courts Plus offer a niche selection of squash racquets and will offer expert advice in choosing the right one for you.


Pickleball Racquets

Pickleball is a fast growing racket¬†game for all ages. You play Pickleball with a paddle on a small court or in the yard. Pickelball is a cross between badminton, tennis,…